Happy Birthday to Me!

People say that there comes a time when birthdays are no longer relevant. You get past that urge to celebrate at some point in your life. I have never understood this point of view. I am grateful to be alive and kicking and I want to give each milestone its due. I have been through tough times as a former homeless person and I have learned about survival in this cruel world. Thus, when another big day rolls around, I mark it with a celebration. It might be a party or just me with a big hunk of cake. As the years go by, I feel more and more like treating myself to something special. It could be a meal in a fine dining restaurant, a day or weekend trip, a new sweater or a pair of shoes. I say to myself, “you deserve it.” I guess I do. We all do. We need to give ourselves credit for where we have come in life. You don’t need to belabor the past but just live in the moment and anticipate the future with a positive attitude.

Given this personal philosophy, I didn’t say no when a friend asked to help me throw a party in my own home. This is not something I do regularly if at all. I have people over in small gatherings for snacks and chat. Now I am going to revel in being another year older in the proper way—good food, decoration, music, festivities, and all. My friend’s suggestion has come at the right time. I am ready to make a bigger deal out of my birthday than I usually do.

The party was wonderful with all my favorite people in attendance. Adult birthdays aren’t often a big deal so I was pleased and surprised that I got personal gifts of all kinds. Then there was one big package, wrapped beautifully with mounds of ribbon. I opened it to find another box within a box within yet another box. The old nesting dolls trick. When I got to the smallest one, I opened it with glee. Inside was a fabulous G-shock watch, the one I have always wanted and a copy of Timepiece Quarterly, where they reviewed the best G Shock models. I never indulged as it seemed like too big a splurge for my budget. My friends had pooled their money to get me the coveted device. I don’t know why I had hesitated. I suppose it was because I thought the fancy watch was frivolous in that I use my cell phone to tell the time.

This is a silly attitude since most people I know have a watch and a mobile phone. Owning gear is a point of pride with many and there is no reason to limit yourself to just one. I now sport this stellar watch and enjoy all its incredible features. I love knowing I can get it wet without worry. I will have the current time to the millisecond and never miss an appointment. I am in heaven.