Birthday Party Success!

Birthday parties can be challenging. Been there done that. Over the years, you attend a lot of them and they start to run together in one big celebrational blur. Kids, however, love them and don’t care if they are all alike, as long as there is cake and games. They enjoy frolicking about in a background and/or swimming in the pool. They love balloons and other decorations and the take-home goodie bags. They can’t get enough of birthday parties and would go to one once a week if they could. Sometimes they do happen that often if they are on the guest list of everyone in their class at school. My child is only one- year old and that birthday is a real milestone to commemorate. You can invite kids in the neighborhood or from school as a tiny tot doesn’t have individual friends as yet. I was really into the party and didn’t want to spare any expenses. I wanted basic fun and cute decorations and a big cake with one big candle. A one-year old can’t necessarily blow it out, but he can try and believe me, other kids will join in and help.

One of the things you see from time to time is a cheap bounce house for the kids. You can rent them in various sizes and themes and inflate them in the backyard. I had never used one before but I loved the idea. Kids can romp forever in these fun houses. I had to pick the type. I asked my kids and they voted for a castle. It comes filled with soft balls on the floor so they can sink into them and play hide and seek. I would hire a woman to play act a damsel in distress. She came with a pointed cone-shaped hat that had silk streamers coming out of it. She wore a beautiful medieval-style velvet dress. I also hired a young man to play prince charming. They were so cute together. Because I had decided on this theme, I naturally bought compatible decorations: paper plates with castles on them and paper cups adorned with the image of a princess. Of course, the cake was suitably iced with similar recreations. The kids were gleeful and couldn’t wait.

If you set up a good environment for a birthday party, everyone will have a really great time; and in this case, they did. I am not sure the one-year-old knew what was going on; but he enjoyed himself as witnessed by traces of icing on his tee shirt. Thus, I pulled off a unique party that was a winner for all participating. We had lemonade to go with the cake and party poppers galore. We also had a yard full of screaming kids. They went in and out of the bounce house dozens of times. It was a riot. I will have to think long and hard what to do next year. Maybe another bounce house with a different theme.