New Favorite Thing about Homeownership

If you have never owned a home of your own, life is simpler. You live with your family who take care of most matters or you rent a place that comes with a gardener and a handyman, if needed. I am so pleased to have a home now that I never balk at menial chores, inside or outside of the house. I take pride in taking care of everything myself and keep up appearances as best I can. Most people don’t find the time to keep the house in shape, but I do. There are always a few idle hours on the weekends. I have a to do list and just go down one item at a time until everything is done. I also have a purchase list of items I would like to add to my household inventory such as new dishes, pots and pans, a new coffeemaker, and a more updated toaster. Slowly but surely I save up enough to get all these basics. If I really want to splurge, I will get a new washer dryer combo as the existing one has seen much better days. This is also the case with the fridge and stove. I knew this when I bought the house, but having old appliances meant paying a lower price. I will eventually start looking for sale merchandise and get everything perfectly new.

On my next list are items for the backyard. I want a portable above ground pool so the kids can celebrate summer in style in this new home. It doesn’t have to be enormous, but also not a kiddie diminutive size. I want a veritable pool, not an inflatable budget type. They make sturdy and durable above ground pools in all sizes and they come with a heater for temperature control. This is not always necessary since the water is warm from the hot summer air. However, if the kids want to have some water recreation in the spring or fall when it is a little cooler, I can control the temperature with ease. It is a great pool that is easy to clean and refill if you want to get to scrubbing the bottom. To save water, I do this only after considerable use.

So I went with my heart and got the pool instead of appliances. It is much more fun. Just ask the kids. We have pool parties and invite friends and neighbors to join in. I serve hamburgers from the grill, ice cold lemonade, and cookies. No one leaves without being well fed. In the summer I plan on these get-togethers at least once a week during the summer. The kids certainly celebrated the new house in style the first time, but now it is almost a way of life when school is out. You can indeed have a portable pool (the above ground style) on almost any budget. I have enough saved to tackle my appliance list in due time.