Truly the Best Way to Relax

Everyone needs a breather, a break from your regular routine whether it be a regular sports activity or work. Everything requires time off. We all have different ways of relaxing and some don’t need it at all. Just a meal out, a movie, or a concert would be fine. It just means giving yourself a treat now and then as a kind of thank you for surviving. It is a way of having recreation or entertainment in our lives. This is a requirement for a healthy well-balanced life. Those of us who work find it most important to schedule respite and rest or we can burn out. Just repeating the same tasks every day and having the same place to go can be a chore. Man is not a machine. It is called the humdrum aspect of life and we all face it. We need variety and amusement and as frequently as possible. No wonder there is so much choice of things to do for recreation. For some it can be enjoying their favorite music; for others it can be working crossword puzzles and games. We gravitate naturally to that which relaxes us the most.

For me, the best way to relax is to go to the health club. I am so fortunate that my company sponsors memberships for full-time employees and it is, indeed, a major perk. I look forward to a good gym workout a couple of times a week, especially when it is followed by a dip in the salt water hot tub. I don’t know many clubs that have them so I consider myself lucky. After a tough day in particular, it can help you unwind to the max. No wonder it is so popular and there are always people waiting their turns. But you can’t stay there too long lest you hear a few protests. But we learn to share. I could soak for hours, however, because it does me so much good. It is soothing to the soul.

What it is about water that is so therapeutic. Also, I think the salt water has special properties that chlorinated water lacks. I think it is healthier for the mind and body and it certainly spares your skin which can dry out and become rough and flaky due to harsh chemicals. Salt water is a natural environment that I enjoy on a regular basis. I need to thank my company with a letter soon to let them know how much I appreciate the gym membership. Who ever thought up this idea was a genius. I would rather have it than free tickets to ball games, coupons for salon treatments, discounts on department store purchase, and the like. I may be unique in this respect, but I doubt it. Who doesn’t like a free workout session now and then. Gyms are becoming super popular and more and more working people are making them a regular habit. They are sometimes beyond your financial means, however, and they are often ruled out. Not at my company. Praise be to the management who thought of this perk.