Added Security

Having lived on the streets, I know the meaning of insecurity. I know what it is like to be watched or tailed and to be the object of a mugging or theft. I know what it is like to lose precious valuables, as modest as they might be. As little as the homeless have, they are always objects of scrutiny for evil doers who find them easy prey. Now that I am in a safer realm, I still think about my personal safety and think owning a handgun might be a practical move.

I guess I need that extra added security in my life, based on paranoid old habits. I want to walk the streets without fear and live in my home in peace. I want self-defense and a deterrent from crime perpetuated against my person. It only takes one incident to make you a convert, and I have seen plenty already. I am going to apply for a concealed carry permit, buy the appropriate firearm, and a matching holster.

The gun is a fairly easy choice as I have many friends in law enforcement who have taught me about gun safety and usage. They have recommended several suitable pistols for self-protection. The holster is a little trickier. I don’t need a fancy leather one as long as one I pick is comfortable and stays in place. Concealed carry holsters come in various sizes, shapes, and colors and they also have some designed just for women.

I am not going hunting so I opting for an “urban” version that is a daily item of wear. I want total concealment yet ease of withdrawal. I want something on the body as opposed to a concealed carry purse that I could set down by mistake or have stolen. There are various adjustable waist band styles of different widths and there are under the arm units. I am not even considering an ankle holster at this time nor the more unpopular under the middle of the bra style. Tuck in types that stick in the waistband seem a little free and easy to me. I am fascinated that some holsters come in animal prints and that there are pistol pouches, compression shorts, and thigh models.

Wearing a waist holster will certainly keep the gun on my mind and its eternal security presence. It won’t be socked away in a zippered pocket or pouch. It will be a constant reminder of daily threats to my existence and the newfound security I will soon feel. It will be housed appropriately at night in a gun box under the bed that is bolted to the floor. No kids will come near it and it will have a special electronic lock to be sure.

The belly band is a versatile holster and really my top favorite. I can adjust it to be worn high, low on the hips, or rotated in another position. I like the 4-inch size soft elastic model that comes in natural, black, white or, heavens, black lace! It is breathable fabric for a warm climate.