Clearing out the Cobwebs

Some days, I still can’t believe it—I have a good job, and a nice, safe place to live. It feels like a dream. I am so proud of my house. I keep it as clean as I can. I still don’t have a lot of stuff which makes it easier. I didn’t get angry a few weeks ago when I cleaned out my gutters. I focused on the fact that I had gutters that needed cleaning because it meant that I have a roof over my head and nice trees in my yard clogging the gutters with their leaves. Maybe one day this will stop feeling like such a miracle but I sure hope not.

One of the first things I did when I moved in was buy some tools so that I could do some of the basic stuff on my own. It is a pride thing. I asked at the hardware store and the manager and I put together a pretty good toolbox for me to use. I’ve also added a ladder and couple of power tools, which feels unreal. I wanted a power drill and a paint sprayer so I can do touch-ups on the exterior when necessary. I want to keep this place looking so beautiful that people can feel the appreciation and love I have for my home standing even from out at the sidewalk!

To get the paint sprayer to work, I had to get an air compressor. My new friend at the hardware store set me up with a nice model that wasn’t very scary. We went through a couple of models at the store while I explained what I wanted it to do and she explained what each model actually did. We finally decided on a pancake style compressor. It is electric, not too loud, and is portable—it has little wheels so I can drag it around. I haven’t used the paint gun yet because the siding still looks so nice and lovely, but I did end up using the compressor today.

The garage was starting to get dusty and cobwebby, and I wanted to do something about it. I just couldn’t get into every little crevice by waving the broom over my head so I needed a better idea. That was when I saw air compressor. It was still in the box.

I unpacked it and got it set up. I attached the blower from the accessory kit I got for it and added my protective eyewear. When I got that thing going, let me tell you, it was great! I blew all the dust right out the garage door and that floor looked spotless. I blew the cobwebs right off the ceiling with no trouble at all. It was like using a vacuum but in reverse. The whole thing took less than twenty minutes.

I closed the garage, put the compressor away, and took a shower. I couldn’t believe it. Not just that I had to clean a garage—because I own a home, with a GARAGE!!—but that I had cleaned it so efficiently. Now if you’ll excuse me, I am going to go enjoy a nice hot cup of tea and a snack for a job well done.