Your GED Is As Important As Your Future Career

I know what you’re thinking: it is possible to find a job without a high school diploma. Lots of teenagers do it all the time. Here’s the thing: they can do that because they’re teenagers. People don’t expect you to have your GED when you’re only sixteen. When you’re a decade older or especially over the age of thirty, people expect you to have your GED and a verifiable employment record at least. The longer you go without these things, the harder it is going to be to get yourself a job.

In the job market, you’re going to be competing with younger people who have four-year college degrees. In a world where everyone goes to college, your GED has already been downgraded to a certain extent, which means that you need it even more.

I also know that you’re probably thinking that you don’t deserve it. You may not know that you feel this way, but at some level, you’re wondering if you are unworthy of moving forward in this way. You might be feeling extremely guilty over not graduating high school the first time around, regardless of what your initial circumstances were or how much you needed to drop out.

Our culture is cruel to dropouts in general. It’s understandable that you’ve internalized some of what our culture has said on the subject. God knows they never shut up about it even for a moment. Naturally, they also make fun of people who go a long way in their education because of all of the debt that they accumulate. Basically, our culture is saying that you need to be rich and privileged, and if you lack that, then it is your fault all the time and every time.

Don’t listen to them. They say this because it is part of a convenient narrative that allows them to hold onto what they have. They can hold onto their position of power and justify the fact that they refuse to allow other people to get ahead in the same way. They’re trying to stop you from getting ahead.

You deserve to get your GED. It isn’t going to magically get you a job, but it is going to help you out tremendously in the cruel and unforgiving job world. You will be that much more likely to succeed for many different reasons. However, you will be surprised at just how much more confident you will become as a result of getting your GED.

Our culture tends to think of education as just something that will get you more money, like a ticket to success. The thing is, an educational attainment can do wonders for your self-esteem in a way that is difficult to replicate through any other means. You’ll feel more confident in the job market once you are armed with your GED. You will feel like you have finally picked up where you left off, like you are finally getting your life on track again. That’s worth all of the effort.